Many times how  I thought I was slick.

Thinking no one had the foggiest idea Damn I was sure fooling myself. Don’t get me wrong I was good at hiding it. I had to my Father used to knock the schitt out of me.

Did I deserve it I would say about half. the time but a lot of times he might of went a little overboard. I am amazed that I am here to speak about this. And  that is where you my fellow addicts are going to help me to help other addicts.

I have kind of derived a plan of sorts on how to help not the individual addict but maybe the facility in which one visit’s. It is amazing on how many other addicts are just like me.  If They  sat down right now got on there computer and were asked to write about themselves .

The similarities  would be astonishing! They may be from Canada, Australia,  Germany,Spain and the Middle East. Now who is fooling who I am not sure if I have mentioned this but they did a study. And I am not much for studies. Scientists, Doctors,Psychologists.

Talk about that another time. Getting  back to this study they went to about fifty Elementary  Schools they gathered the first thru third in a sort of assembly type setting.And small children are honest to a fault

They asked these kiddos if they knew anybody in there home life  Mom, Dad,Cousins,Aunts And Uncles who were using Not weed not alcohol mind you but meth, heroin,  and cocaine. Shooting it up smoking it out of 300 students about 270 raised there hand in response that yes.In there household it was a normal activity. Now That’s scary!

So getting back to who am I fooling!!! As A World We Need To Ask Our Selves Who Am I Fooling. 

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My Name’s  Schilo And I Am An  Alchy, Addict.