What Are The Odds

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First I am dedicating this post to my daughter and her friends.

I have seen some rough patches in my life but nothing ever prepares you for death especially with someone you see everyday.

This story starts off about a young man who by all that has spoken about him Was going to be somebody smart handsome and kind.Everyday he would go to school just like millions of kid’s across the U.S. Only one difference there we’re big kids waiting for him The not so cute the not so smart. The ones society has deemed the bottom half of society. I call them future night crawlers. It’s not  there fault they couldn’t choose who Mom and Dad were but they could choose who not to be like  Mommy and Daddy.

Getting back to this so this was torment. And because he was smaller then the other kids well he was an easy target .They would take his money, cool electronics this went on since 6th grade and now he is in the 8th grade.The worst thing about it is the kid didn’t have anyone to talk to.

Even though he had a loving Mom and Dad One problem is he came from a Hispanic back ground. And if you know one thing  about the Hispanic culture they are very proud. Society calls it machismo The type that says men don’t cry never let anyone hit you. An eye for an eye.

So can you imagine how this young man felt he was not only tormented at school! And unknowingly at home. His parents didn‘t know? Remember he didn’t reach out to anyone. This young man was trapped,tired of being picked on.

So at the age of 13 this young man decided to do something that changed the lives of so many people. Not only his but an entire community and unfortunately it was not what everyone expected. Least of all me.

What this young man did was commit suicide. How he did it was more courageous than I would of ever been able to do. He hung himself.He had been pushed that far to do something that desperate. Can you imagine what this kid must of felt!

Feeling that alone and all because of some bullying going on in school. We as parents have to pay attention to our kids behaviors.There mood swings anything  that seems to be out of sorts. What we may think as nothing could be important.Enough for  a 13 year old to want  to hurt himself.

So what I am asking from you guys and gals is a comment but I want you to tell me is  how old you were when you first started getting bullied. And what happened as far as how it stopped.Maybe in one of these comments may be a solution or some idea on how to prevent it. 

Thank you my fellow addicts ,friends family my name is Schilo and I am still an addict.


February 15, 2017


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