The Man I Became:

The Title should say it all:

This is a little deep I never thought that at the age of 48 that I would be writing about myself yet here I am .

So all begin by telling you  I was born on Dec 15, 1967. Darn I am getting old . I was born in Santa Fe N.M.

My Mom was quite young and my Father was not around I  found out later he said I wasn’t his son. At about a year or so my Father was killed in a strange encounter.

I was told two different types of stories of his death. So I kind of had to sift thru both stories and figure it out. Still have questions  that will never get answered. 

Growing up in the Seventies was not the easiest of times  things were changing so fast we went from rotary phones to I-phones. Yup things were moving pretty damn fa

We went from the Moody Blues,to the Eagles then Van Halen,  Micheal Jackson, the Beastie Boys to Snoop Dogg to whomever else has come and gone.  

By the early 80’s I was a full blown alcoholic! My first real blow up was when I went home drunk and my Step -dad beat the crap  out of me. I ran away from home that night. 

Ending up in Taos N.M. was pretty scary I was 13 yrs. old drunk and no where to go! I crawled into an unlocked truck which probably saved me that night. The next morning the owner caught me in his truck.

Which wasn’t going to turn out to well for me. As soon as he saw me sleeping he grabbed me and started punching me. Now I am a twelve year old kid and the only thing I knew was to punch back and run. 

The only thing that saved me was his friend who tried stopping him telling him I was just a kid! That gave me the chance to punch him and run. Long story short I made it home and that was the beginning of a long career.Of what I became as a man!! I soon learned that I was invincible like superman not!

 I hope to hear from you soon.

My name is Schilo and I am an addict.

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