The Story Of An Addict

So as far back as I can remember in one form or another I have been abusing some form of substance whether it be cigarettes or alcohol. Didn’t start hitting the heavier stuff till later on.But everybody has that same old cliche.

I never thought that at 48 I would be battling Drugs and Alcohol but here I am. Growing up in Northern New Mexico. It was kind of the  end of an era and the beginning of another. We were still using rotary phones and we had just gotten our assess handed to us in the old Vietnam War. MUCHO RESPECTO (MUCH RESPECT)!! To the men and women

So as the drugs there was no shortage of that. There never will be, And that’s crazy! Everything was not normal in the Velarde family. Growing up as that time we still got whooped not whipped, whooped, Here’s an example my dad whooped my ass he caught me drinking.

Now that I look back I remember when I started turning to drugs and alcohol I must of been about 9 or 10 years old. Another typical story across America. As to the whys and the lead ups that is for another time.During high school I EXCELLED IN SPORTS AND DRUG USE  I WAS SHARPENING MY SKILLS FOR WHAT LAY A HEAD

By the time I was 18 I had 2 baby girls and I was definitely not ready to become a father! But here they were along with there mom. I was a train wreck headed for disaster. As the years rolled along I of course got better at being an druggie/alcee. BY THE TIME I WAS 33 YRS. OLD I HAD FOUR D.U.I.S WOW!!!

Many things have happened from 2001 till today 2016. A new President things have changed and are still changing So with that i just gave you a little glimpse of my life. Now it’s time to not just peek but come in sit down grab a cup of coffee. and stay a while.

My name is SCHILO67 and I AM AN ADDICT