Opiates And Teens Out Of Control

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How To Write A Treatment Plan For A Teen Age Addict

Or can you? Hello and good morning. So ask yourself this how many that read my posts have kids. Imagine your Son or Daughter having to enter into treatment remember she is only 16 and he has to do a 30 day program.First your barely getting used to the idea that she has such a problem. From what! though.

Remembering now when she was practicing for  softball try outs and she tore up her knee. That was when it all began! My daughter began her  journey as a junkie.Winding the clock forward 2 years. Here she is facing at least 6 months to a year in kid jail. Or go to this treatment center for 30 days. Not much of a choice. As you begin to understand the power the medication  over anyone has?

So unfortunately and fortunately we have a sort of paper trail for this young lady and her career as a junkie. And Alas this  should be the beginnings of her treatment plan.Believing that when she was on crutches for almost 60 days a knee brace for another  45 days and the countless hours spent on  physical therapy that it would end in her being addicted to opiates.It is real and it is here to stay as long as we the people pretend that it won’t happen to them.

So now we have a little history on this child and the beginnings of what this child is dealing with. You know who’s to blame is it single out one individual, one institution, No I think not we can blame the Parents, Doctor’s the system. This is a we problem not a single a group but unfortunately there is to many things that play a part in this.

You would think that with the information age we would have better records on patients, clients Don’t get me wrong it is a lot better than it was. Reality it is very difficult to write a treatment on a young person. My opinion a 15 year old has no business in a 30 day program. I don’t think that they grasp the outcome of there decisions and because of the information age it will be there.Background checks they can tell you what you had for breakfast yesterday.

First step is you must monitor your kids medication.Remember he is or she is still a child. No matter how much faith we have in them making responsible decisions and they try to GUILT YOU, PROUD YOU,AND ANGER YOU  Your still Mom and sometimes Dad..

Thank you for reading my posts and today is the 23rd of January 2017

My name is Schilo67 and I am an alcoholic and Addict


January 22, 2017

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  • This the very truth. Life is what you make out of it no matter who you are and I can tell you how easy it is to get hooked on pain killers so in a sense kids should really be monitored on whatever medicationed they are prescribed.

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