Getting Started

Becoming an addict was not an easy task. I don’t think anyone wakes up one day and says there going to be an addict. And just as easily wake up today. And say today I am not an addict. Only if it was that easy? I can remember the first time I got drunk Thinking back I can remember the first time I got high It ‘s not your typical high that everyone thinks. Although I remember it because it was like an inhalant. It made me dizzy. Of course I was already smoking pot. Drinking was an ordinary time in my life

Coming from a small town in Northern New Mexico I began to see at an early age how alcohol was part of life it became to many people as water did I guess it took a hold of me more in  junior high than at any time in my life.That’s when my friends started dyeing from alcohol Most of these kids were high school kids by either alcohol related accidents. Or violence gang related! Yup little town America also had gang violence.

It was a little different then. But death is always going to be the same. Final, The End, No Return. Families get destroyed.It is never the same unfortunately I have seen a lot of  death in my life. And for some weird feeling I am about to see more as I am getting older. And it scares the schitt out of me.

But that’s not what this is about I have to see it for what it is. As I got older I seemed to do well for a number of years and then self destruct and it would seem like my world was gonna end.  Now that I look back I realize that it wasn’t as world ending as I thought it was. So with that I will end this with a good night and I hope all is well.

My name is Schilo and I am an Addict and Alcoholic.