Good morning, My name is Schilo. And I am an Addict. Imagine if that’s all you had to do and suddenly you have sobriety.If only? First I would make a bunch of T-shirts that said I am an addict.Turn around and sell them.Become very wealthy and live happily ever after.

The truth though it doesn’t work like that. leastwise not for me. I am 49 years old. I have 4 kids. Three different moms.  A job well it’s actually my own company, In reality I don’t have schitt. Oh I know that I have the girls, A roof over my head.

People would say that I actually have a good life.So it would seem? But let me break it down for you. So check it out. In the year 1999-2000. I had just picked up my fourth D.W.I. Rio Arriba County. Not a nice place to do 6 months. We were also  in the midst  of our foreclosure. I forgot to mention that I had an accident. Which produced a nice little settlement. $70,000 to be exact.

I had purchased two and a half acres, a 16/80 double wide.Also purchased a new car and a 4/4 ford four wheel drive.Yup I was living THE VIDA LOCA alright. Nott!!! The reason we were foreclosing was we forgot to pay the bank for our mortgage and car note.

We thought it was more important to buy cocaine and alcohol. Guess what I did. Remember this began in 1987.We made it all the way to 99-2000.In the end it was like a nightmare that I would  never awaken from. We had become two different people.

Thinking back now we had been given a gift, a life-line so to speak.We both struggled with the decision that we had to make? We both have regrets. Truthfully it saved my life.Cause if it wasn’t for her brother.Offering a hand up. Not a hand out. Who knows.

So now rolling forward to 2010. Wow, I met this women.One of the most beautiful creatures I had ever met. Most dangerous also. I sure no how to pick them.Talk about issues.

I am going to roll this up to 2017. If I don’t will be here till 2018. During all this I ended up in prison. I had to sign over my rights to my daughter.One of the hardest things I had to do. Spent almost 2 years in a halfway house.And finally I had a heart attack. That almost killed me.

Everything I have been thru has certainly opened my eyes. That saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.I have mixed feelings about that one.

I am going to leave you with a thought for the day. Never take anything fr granted. Always remember when you extend that hand to someone that is in need. Never look at it as a hand out. look at it as a hand up.

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