The Evil That Lurks!

As far as I can remember life as I know it has involved some type of mood altering substance.And along with that something  else  has lurked with that. Being of Spanish  And Native American culture.

I grew up in Northern New Mexico and if you know anything about U.S. history then you won’t really  know about Northern N.M.Becoming the 47th  state in 1912. Although the Spanish had been in N.M  Since the 1400’s.

History has a tendency to repeat itself .Growing up in the heartland of Pueblo Indians you learn about different cultures and how evil my ancestors were If you ever get a chance to go to Northern N.M. take it and see for yourself.

There is a weird some call it evil feeling that is in the air. The violence that is very common almost a normal kind of routine. The overdoses in Northern higher per capita than a city the size of Chicago.

So my belief is this  and again this is my belief i was marked as an addict and or an alcoholic long before I was born. My goal for this website is to get readers involved primarily addicts a place to go and vent to ask for help whether it be in need of resources.

 I will have links for different resources so if they need a treatment center a resource to learn how to start on line business  whatever it is I will try to find the answer or ask someone that has it. Also this site is not going to be serious. I have some ideas  that will be fun.

I hope to at least be able to help one person.And if  I  have accomplished that then I have done my job 

So With That I Am Schilo And I Am An Addict!




So if you really serious about quitting drinking and if you want to take that first step.HERE’S A LINK TO A GREAT SYSTEM THAT I FOUND VERY HELPFUL. TAKE A LOOK AT IT. THE BOTTOM LEFT HAND CORNER !!

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