[Court Ordered Treatment] Fake It Till You Make It!

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Fake It Till You Make It!
I am going to show you the do’s and do not in order to avoid going to jail.Obviously when you are ordered to enter into an inpatient program  the system sees a problem that maybe you don’t see. And I will show you  that faking it is much better than not participating.

Always remember that everything that you don’t do is documented In what they call your treatment plan. And this file goes to the courts and the courts decides your fate. Fighting it, is only going to create more drama than it is worth. And you know how addicts love drama.I have seen my share of rehabs.

To tell you the truth there is only that made an impact on my life and I can say has made a positive in my life .The men and women that I met while I was at  the ranch are still my friends to this day. There is only one thing I regret from that part of my life and that is that I didn’t finish the program.

Getting back to the rehabs and the Courts,. I used to see the younger men and women that were just starting there careers in the lifestyle of running, and gunning, lies deceit. Promising that they had hit there bottom but you knew that there were just resting up for the next run.

Sadly some of them never made it to there next birthday’s I have become somewhat of a camelion or a man of many faces. In time I think we have to in order to survive We live in a harsh environment some that we have created ourselves and some that we haven’t!

To think that we are fooling is very misguided the only one being fooled is yourself cause the norms see thru you eventually. So when your neighbor disappears for a 30-60 day m.i.a. And he picked up ten or so pounds he probably was in treatment. Which is a good thing. He’s trying.So with that I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this. Plus if you or anyone you know that may be struggling with substance abuse or alcohol . Well then maybe this m might be able to help you Click Here. As they say in the rooms you never know where the miracle may come from.





November 28, 2016

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